3 x One to One coaching sessions

High quality coaching acts as a game changer and will equip you with the tools, mindset and self-belief you need to take massive action and achieve your goals.

"Whether you think you can,
or whether you think you can't, you are right."

Henry Ford


PictureWe all go through tough times which can come at any time in our career or the frustration of clashing values or stagnation. If you look at anyone how has developed a successful career they love, they have usually got there with the help of a special team of coaches and advisers who help them become the best they can be.

Often it just takes a fresh look at a situation to realise what needs to change and that one insight can be worth its weight in gold.

High quality coaching acts as a game changer and will equip you with the tools, mindset and self-belief you need to take massive action and achieve your goals.


PictureEvery client we have ever worked with has known deep down what they need to change, overcome or discover and learn more about to be able to move forward.

It's just that the distractions and noise of daily life sometimes disconnects us from who we really are and prevent us from hearing our inner voice.

At Career Alchemy, we use gold dust coaching techniques combined with the odd bit of magic to help you to reconnect with your essential self and natural energy so you are perfectly placed to start taking action and create the working life you want.


You can read more about the principles of coaching on our career coaching page. Depending on your need we may use exercises which form part of our research-proven INSPiRED model and toolkit. All our coaching sessions take place on line usually using Skype or Facetime. This means that you can choose whichever venue you prefer for your coaching session and at a time that works best for you and all without breaking the bank too.

Sometimes just a single session is all it takes to help. Alternatively, you might need more depending on the complexity of your situation and the speed you want to go which we will discuss and agree at the start of your coaching work with us. Unlike many coaching organisations, we are vested in helping you move forward quickly.


"I asked Career Alchemy to work with me to help identify why I was no longer satisfied with my position and what directions were naturally suited to me. I wish I had gone ten years (or more) earlier to preempt the chronic problems that many of us have with work. Everyone should have one of their coaches in order to help assess their current and future work/skill/career/talent. They have helped me see many more possibilities as well as narrow my focus - and get the position I wanted along the way! My coach's enthusiasm and energy imbued me with much unapologetic confidence of who I can be. The ideas, checks and questions in the extensive course materials are mental food for years ahead. An investment not a cost."

Benedict Richards, owner of Graphicacy

"Career Alchemy takes a holistic approach. My coach has a masterful way of understanding people and assisted me in finding answers at a time when I was really struggling with the next steps. When you work with them, the alchemy starts to work in your life and before you know it you're on a journey of self-discovery. I have now embarked on a new career path that includes other projects that I intend to pursue in my free time. I cannot recommend Career Alchemy highly enough and would certainly use their services again should I be in need of any career guidance in the future."

Anthony Hanley

"My coach provided me with some excellent career coaching and helped steer me onto the right path. She demonstrated an exceptional insight into the problems many of us have in our career choices and directions focusing on my specific situation with alacrity. She provided some very useful strategies to challenge negative thinking and maintain direction in my search for the right path. I am grateful for her willingness to challenge me and her constant exhortation to re-align my thinking not in terms of what I could offer but what needs I could meet in an employer. A brilliant careers coaching professional.."

Stephen Miles, lecturer and researcher


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Your trainer

Carolyn Parry
Carolyn Parry

The session will be facilitated by our multi-award-winning lead coach, Carolyn Parry, one of the UK’s top career coaches and UK Career Coach of the Year 2017, who has had first hand and client experience of the challenges of restructuring and has helped thousands to create successful working lives and careers.Carolyn Parry is a multi award-winning career coach practitioner and trainer and was recognised as the UK Careers Adviser/Career Coach of the Year in 2017.

Known nationally for the quality of her work as a trainer and by client testimonials for the effectiveness of her one to one coaching work, most of her coaching clients come via referral and benefit from her unique, proven and life-changing INSPIRED coaching model, now available for the first time here as a self-service course.

A Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, of the Higher Education Academy, and the International Enterprise Educators’ Programme, she is a national trainer of career coaching for AGCAS (the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services), and represents the professional organisation, the Career Development Institute, in Wales.

When not helping others to create careers build on purpose and their unique potential, you will find her enjoying the company of family, friends, taking photos of the Welsh countryside with her dogs, singing and watching rugby.

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